A warm, mild, soothing thing, full of innocent strength.
- M.F.K. Fisher

Milque Toast Bar serves up a delicous and ever-changing spread of savory and sweet offerings underpinned by local ingredients and, of course, everything is served on toast. Inside the space one can find a blackboard menu split between flavor profiles, leaning ever so slightly to the side of savory.  Colleen Clawson, chef and owner, exudes a warmth that matches the pitch and ecclectic charm of the tiny space. The intamacy of the building invites banter between staff and customers and often feels closer to a friend filled livingroom than a typical restaurant space. The naming of MTB is a hodge podge of references ranging from the classic comfort dish itself, children’s literature, and the penned adorance for the delectable treat by M.F.K. Fischer.