Colleen Clawson

Colleen's vision for MTB was born of backyard fires, porch daydreaming, and walks with her son, Xavier. Building on her years of experience working in some of the most notable and beloved restaurants in St. Louis, Collen created this novel dining experience with a DIY ethos in mind. Colleen works to actively promote locally sourced foods, sustainable practices, and close relationships with farmers.  



Britt Lockhart

Brit is a classically trained musician, artist, producer, and all around swell fella. His current projects, Cherokee Moon and Ish, can be found playing out in some of Saint Louis' most beloved watering holes, venues, and restaurants. Brit can be found at Milque Toast almost everyday. If he isn't working he is usually hanging out, as his production company Floating Island is located in the nearby Canyon Run Complex. He also books many of the shows that appear on the Chocolates Stage at MTB. 


Cheryl Reiter

Cheryl and her husband are also musicians. The Cree Reider Family Band have several amazing albums and play wonderful shows with their son, Sam. She is at the shop weekday mornings and is a welcoming and friendly presence at mtb. Cheryl keeps things on course, tip top, and ship shape.



Lulu Lynch

Lulu is our weekend warrior. Lulu is cool, witty, and kind. She can do everything around here, and well. We should all be more like lulu. Her favorite color is every color. Dogs and babies love her.